Hard Work Hurt Quite a Lot of People, Actually

Are you busy? Well, if you’re over 40 you shouldn’t be. I’ve just been reading this article and am now pondering how we  can all go about changing our lives as a result:


Turns out that being notverygoodatanything is caused by working too hard! Who knew? (Probably quite a lot of people – this article is several months old, but I do struggle to keep up.)

Well, it certainly explains that feeling of brain cells quietly withering away by the end of a day’s work. Clearly the answer is to slow right down. Now to come up with a cunning plan for managing to live on the proceeds of a 25-hour week. Anyone good at coming up with cunning plans?



Procrastinate Now

It’s been quite a long time since my last post. This is mostly because I’ve been on holiday,  but also because I’ve never been all that good at getting things done.

Which leads me to reflect on the strange fascination of the to-do list. Like many people who rarely actually achieve anything, I love planning. Some of my happiest hours have been spent with an A4 sheet, a pen and a wine bottle, refining the new system that is going to make my life all tidy and  – does pointless have an opposite? pointful, perhaps?

I especially love making lists at the end of yet another day of underachievement, of all the things I’m going to accomplish tomorrow. The trick is to break everything down into small manageable tasks. For instance: 1) Write to-do list. 2) Admire to-do list. 3) Cross out points 1 & 2. 4) Rest from creative labours.

There are even apps (to-do list item #327: find out what apps actually are) to help you polish these little works of art to perfection. I might even try using one sometime; anything to avoid actually getting on with the job.

Well, must be off; these to-do lists don’t write themselves …

If It Ain’t Broke, It Will Be When I’ve Finished with It

DIY, or Destroy It Yourself.

The problem I have is basically with … stuff. The physical world, if you will. Things that break. Things that mysteriously stain. Pins that stick themselves into me and bits of the planet that evilly attach themselves to my person.

Take Sellotape. Who are these people who can just snip off a little piece of the stuff and calmly use it for its purpose? Without getting it wrapped around their fingers and quite likely swinging from their hair. Or knock in a nail or thread a needle in a way that doesn’t bring to mind, as my late mum used to put it, ‘a pig with a musket’.

What I would really like to live in is a specially created environment – everything unbreakable, with self-cleaning surfaces, say. Or am I describing a padded cell?

So, out of curiosity: does anyone else get defeated by simple tasks that everyone except you seems to perform without thinking, or am I the only musket-toting porker left?





Another not very good post

Hello again!

Many thanks to all who took a moment to look at my first post. This was so encouraging that I’ve decided to try posting about once a week until I a) get good at it, thus defeating the purpose, or b) discover that everyone except me is Good at Stuff and therefore I’m only writing it for myself.

This is not a self-help site. I can proudly state that I’m not qualified to help anyone with anything. Besides, there seem to be quite a lot of those already. But where’s the platform for those of us who look at job ads calling for motivated, passionate and capable individuals and let out a small whimper? Who feel we deserve recognition – or at least a biscuit – if we manage to get to the corner shop and back without mishap?

Well, help is not at hand. It never is, is it? But to anyone who goes through life with a strong sense that they’ll never get it right –   –  I would say ‘join the club’, but that’s been tried already: anyone remember the  anyone remember the Not Terribly Good Club of Great Britain ? So I’ll just say hello and welcome! By spending your precious time on this site when you could have been improving your skills, learning useful stuff etc, you’ve made a wonderful start. Looking forward to sharing stories of ineptitude in the near future …




On not being very good at anything


This is a blog for those of us who find everyday living a constant, head-scratching challenge. Not because our lives are so hard or because we face any major obstacles but because we are, well, not very good at anything.
I intended to start this some time ago, but not being very good at getting things done … or finishing sentences …
Then once I did start, there were a few technical hitches. Turns out I’m not very good at following instructions for starting a blog either. So I wasted quite a lot of time trying to set up a free one –  it’s probably still out there; how do you get rid of them? – before finally listening to advice (no, I’m not good at that either) and starting again. So here I am.

There seem to be all kinds of things I could do to make this look better, but honestly? I don’t understand any of them. So for now I think I’ll just press Publish and see if anything happens…