Another not very good post

Hello again!

Many thanks to all who took a moment to look at my first post. This was so encouraging that I’ve decided to try posting about once a week until I a) get good at it, thus defeating the purpose, or b) discover that everyone except me is Good at Stuff and therefore I’m only writing it for myself.

This is not a self-help site. I can proudly state that I’m not qualified to help anyone with anything. Besides, there seem to be quite a lot of those already. But where’s the platform for those of us who look at job ads calling for motivated, passionate and capable individuals and let out a small whimper? Who feel we deserve recognition – or at least a biscuit – if we manage to get to the corner shop and back without mishap?

Well, help is not at hand. It never is, is it? But to anyone who goes through life with a strong sense that they’ll never get it right –   –  I would say ‘join the club’, but that’s been tried already: anyone remember the  anyone remember the Not Terribly Good Club of Great Britain ? So I’ll just say hello and welcome! By spending your precious time on this site when you could have been improving your skills, learning useful stuff etc, you’ve made a wonderful start. Looking forward to sharing stories of ineptitude in the near future …




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