A Job Description for the Notverygood

While still hammering out the perfect plan to work as little as possible, I find myself wondering: when did job ads get so frightening?

For instance: in my distant youth I can well remember blithely turning up to apply for bar, cleaning and catering jobs that basically stipulated you had to be alive, free at certain hours and able to find your way to the workplace. And on that basis, despite not being terribly good at any of the aforementioned, I took the jobs and did them until I was asked not to.

Now? I just wouldn’t dare. I wouldn’t have the nerve to market myself as a motivated, committed, self-starting individual who is passionate about everything from making coffee to cleaning out the bog. And what does giving 110% even mean?

Maybe some posts would be easier to fill if they were a little more honest; more geared to all the notverygood applicants out there.  ‘Low-paid but  undemanding work, would suit  mild-mannered individual who is unlikely to threaten anyone else’s position. Hours by agreement, but we promise not to wear you out.’

Hmmm, that really doesn’t sound too bad. It must be the weather …

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  1. To find good examples of the personification of all the simpering platitudes of this merely watch one episode of The Apprentice.

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