On not being very good at anything


This is a blog for those of us who find everyday living a constant, head-scratching challenge. Not because our lives are so hard or because we face any major obstacles but because we are, well, not very good at anything.
I intended to start this some time ago, but not being very good at getting things done … or finishing sentences …
Then once I did start, there were a few technical hitches. Turns out I’m not very good at following instructions for starting a blog either. So I wasted quite a lot of time trying to set up a free one –  it’s probably still out there; how do you get rid of them? – before finally listening to advice (no, I’m not good at that either) and starting again. So here I am.

There seem to be all kinds of things I could do to make this look better, but honestly? I don’t understand any of them. So for now I think I’ll just press Publish and see if anything happens…

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  1. Hello, I always fail to click “Like” because I always stop when I am required to sign up. So, my Like is here instead: I LIKE your blog title and your soothing, relaxing, and witty way of writing!

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