Hard Work Hurt Quite a Lot of People, Actually

Are you busy? Well, if you’re over 40 you shouldn’t be. I’ve just been reading this article and am now pondering how we  can all go about changing our lives as a result:


Turns out that being notverygoodatanything is caused by working too hard! Who knew? (Probably quite a lot of people – this article is several months old, but I do struggle to keep up.)

Well, it certainly explains that feeling of brain cells quietly withering away by the end of a day’s work. Clearly the answer is to slow right down. Now to come up with a cunning plan for managing to live on the proceeds of a 25-hour week. Anyone good at coming up with cunning plans?



2 thoughts on “Hard Work Hurt Quite a Lot of People, Actually”

  1. Live in a tent near a stream of fresh water and a ready supply of berries. Return to what our ancesters did for so well for over a million years. We’ve only been doing 9-5 for the last few hundred years or so. Come on! Let’s do it!

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