We All Need One More Day

This January I resolved to be more brisk and businesslike in future. Here’s how well it’s going so far:

The other day, using all my notverygood talents, I was discussing a deadline for a piece of work. I thought I’d done very well in setting a date that was realistic for both parties, and was both surprised and hurt when the client said gently that it wasn’t possible. Never at a loss for a witty riposte, I fired back: ‘Why not?’

‘Because,’ came the weary-sounding reply, ‘there’s no such date as 30 February.’

How we did laugh! Well, come to think of it, he didn’t. But I’ve been pondering this exchange, and I realise that the reason I asked for 30 February is that I badly want at least one extra day in every year. (Or possibly every month.) I surely can’t be alone in this. How about one day added on to, or included in, every year – we could choose it by lottery to start with- purely as an extra? No celebrations, no obligations, no botherations: just pure catching-up time to do what we like with.

What shall we call it?



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