… And Call Off Christmas!

It’s always a bit of a shock around this time of year: I leave my lair to do a bit of essential shopping and find myself being mugged by gangs of (admittedly quite small and squeaky) youths singing carols and rattling collection tins in a marked manner. How can this be? Surely it’s only October?

Well, I’m not very good at forward planning, obviously, but I can’t help noticing that the approach of Christmas sends a whole lot of people into the state of panic that we notverygoods get to enjoy all the year round. Small talk in December opens with ‘All ready for Christmas?’ and  we now talk about ‘doing Christmas’ as in ‘doing overtime’ or ‘doing 100 push-ups’.

So how about we drop the whole thing this year? Or else work it all out in such a way that everyone can actually enjoy themselves?

Next week I’ll try and come up with a not very cunning plan, unless anyone has one already?


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