What Is a Comfort Zone and How Do I Get into One?

I’ve already vented in this blog about the off-putting language of  job ads, with their demands for desperately hungry and driven individuals who are good at just about everything.

Today though, I’d like to take the longer view and think about CPD, or Continuing Professional Disappointment. It’s a fact of working life that no sooner have you begun to grasp the basics of your new role than they suddenly change and you have to learn them all over again. For the notverygood, this means that if you’re in any job slightly above the level of cupholder, there never comes a time when you actually know how to do it, because what you know is constantly going out of date.

It’s an even odder fact that everyone is expected to enjoy this process, which has long been labelled ‘getting out of your comfort zone’ or some such. All very fine and probably what keeps the world going, but fairly alarming to those of us who don’t even have a comfort zone.

I wonder if the whole business of updating your qualifications and honing your skills and so forth would be easier if we didn’t have to pretend to love it? Or does everyone else love being offered a new hurdle to jump every time they thought they were getting close to being good at something?


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