Low Achiever? Never Amounted to Anything? Congratulations!

Wonderful news!

According to the very latest research (well, it took me a few weeks to get round to finding it, but that’s a good thing as you will soon see) there is a reason why we notverygoods spend a lot of time staring into space, contemplating the meaning of life without ever actually working it out, and generally just idling. It’s because …. we’re clever! If you have the energy, do take a look:


Well, didn’t we know that all along? Admittedly it’s based on a small sample (they probably had trouble getting all those clever people to bother turning up) but I feel in my very lazy bones that it must be true. And it does explain such a lot, doesn’t it? So next time anyone confronts you with a list of all the things you haven’t accomplished, just give them a pitying smile and go back to thinking your deep thoughts.

Must be off, got a pile of work to smile serenely at. I’ll let you know how that works out … Have a good week!


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