Can I Help You? No, of Course Not

For those of us who stumble along at the tail-end of events, wondering how we got there and how soon we can get out of it, there’s clearly an attraction in any promise to fix everything in one easy move.

It’s no wonder self-help books and the like have a loyal following, since there are quite a number of us who are always looking for help. The difficulty is in the ‘self’ part, of course: the whole point of being a notverygood is that you aren’t very good at helping yourself. This is probably why you don’t see a lot of self-help books with titles like ‘How to Succeed by Working Extremely Hard and Doing Things Well’.

No, what most of us secretly want is someone to come and put everything right. So I’m leaving you with a Monday thought: if a large number of people all appeared carrying banners that said SOMEBODY COME AND FIX THIS, what – if anything – do you think would happen next?

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