None of the Above

You know those quizzes you can take to find out your personality type/work style/tastes? And you know how none of the options in the quizzes ever quite fits? Or that may be just me.

Anyway, I think I may have found out why nothing ever seems to fit: why I’ve never managed to find out my work style, or whether I’m a team player or a lone wolf or anything else. It’s becauseĀ they aren’t asking the right questions.

So I’ve devised my own, very short quiz instead, and have now definitively worked out my personality type. By all means give it a go:

1. If offered a challenge, do you

a) welcome it?

b) hide under the bed till it goes away?

2. If you suddenly became a millionaire, what would you do?

a) Invest in a thrilling new opportunity

b) Nothing. Well, maybe a little light gardening. No, ‘nothing’ probably covers it.

3: Which of the following is more often said to you?

a) You are such a force of nature – how do you do it?

b) Still here? I thought you left hours ago.


If you answered mostly b), then you can give up doing questionnaires for life, because you don’t need them. You are, like me, a type not catered for by your bog-standard personality quiz: the genuine idler.

More on this topic when I’ve got the energy. Have a peaceful weekend!