Ten Green Thumbs

I noticed something odd this morning as I was scowling over my accounts. A sort of yellow light, pushing in through the window. So I went to investigate, and there it was:

Sun! Spring sun, in fact. Yes, it’s back. Seems barely a year since last time. Well, we all know what this means: it means work. It means nosy splinters of sunshine poking into dusty corners and writing CLEAN ME over every surface. Even worse, it means gardening work: digging, and seed packets, and staggering about with watering cans only to find it starts raining 3 minutes after you’ve finished.

What’s more, I’ve tested all this under scientific conditions and I can confirm that plants catch weird diseases and die, or kill each other off, whether I look after them or not. In fact, the more I look after them the worse they get. Which should mean that the perfect solution is … to go on holiday and let them all get on with it.

So that’s my gardening tip. Next week: maintaining the notverygood home. Enjoy the spring!

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